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Omg...my hair is brown!?

i just started dying my hair 8 months ago, and i do it every 3. My roots were growing in and i have a wedding to go to so i thought id do it early this time around. I am naturally a dirty blonde, but my hair used to be much lighter, which is why i decided to dye it in the first place. i lost the thing that said waht color i had used last time, becuase i liked it the best. It wasnt platinum but it was like pretty and a cool color blonde. I know it was an ash color, and i know ive tried ultra light ash blonde, which was a HUGE mistake. i ignored the mstake because it was summer and no big deal, but right now i want to look good. now i chose medium ash blonde which is clearly not the color i wanted...it made my hair darker than its natural color! if i wanted brown i would have made it brown. will dying it a day or 2 later after just dying it ruin my hair? im scared to do it but im really self concious...my blonde hair is all i have...and what color do i dye it now?

Omg...my hair is brown!?

No it won't, if you're using professional products and know what you're doing. Just give your scalp a couple of days to heal and recover. If you're using drugstore boxed dye - you better go to a salone before you made it worse. The trouble with them - you never know what's inside, and it's hard to tell what color is your hair coming out because the mix itself is funny color. With professional products what you see is what you get.

OK, Here is how.

You should go to a store like Sally's or whatever store sells professional products.

Get a level 20 developer. (Developer is hair bleach.) Get a dye that works with it. (Ask at the store if you don't know) You will have to chose between different base colors. There are 3: base gold, base neutral and base violet. You use base violet if you need to get rid of orangy brassiness. Otherwise - don't use base violet or you will actually color your hair violet. Use base gold now, it's your safes bet because you already have too much ash color in your hair it sounds like.

Water stops the action. So keep a spray bottle next to you if you see that funny things start happening.

Good luck. Bleaching is not as bad as they say.

Oh, if there is a part of hair that you don't want to re-dye - apply some conditioner on that part of your hair.

Omg...my hair is brown!?

dying your hair slowly distorts your natural hair color.

Omg...my hair is brown!?

you could try a stripper but then nothing else for 3 months or go to a salon

Omg...my hair is brown!?

Go get it done professionally, they'll be able to save it and save it from being ruined. Make sure it's not a cheap place either. If your hair is half as important to you as it is mine, it's worth spending some money on.

Omg...my hair is brown!?

I'm afraid the best answer is to go to a salon.

Trying to fix things yourself doesn't work very well.

(I usually dye my own hair too - but if it's wrong, the choices at home are to dye it darker or live with it . . . )

Best of luck

Omg...my hair is brown!?

It will lighten overtime, especially if you shampoo every day. If it's not permanent then it will come out completely. I've heard that if you wash your hair with laundry soap it will take some of the color out. Trust me, you will only make it worse if you try to change it. If you really have to do something to it, wait at least a week and put some highlights in. You could spend the money on a good stylist if it really bothers you. Your best bet is to just leave it alone.

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