Monday, July 27, 2009

Why does blond hair turn brown?

i notices some kids with blond hair grow up to have brown have ... the kids are not babies they are between 8-10 why does this happen? can u stop it

Why does blond hair turn brown?

When they are young, the pigment melanin is still being produced and hasn't reached its peak. So as they grow old, with more and more melanin, their hair becomes darker. This doesn't happen to everyone, it has to do with genetics too.

Why does blond hair turn brown?

salt water is good at keeping blonde hair blonde, if not gone over board.

My hair was really blonde as a child and as i got older it started to darken, but i was still blonde. I noticed when i went to the beach and was in the sun my hair would be at its blondest.. and when i stopped going to the beach... being in the water and having the sun bleach it.. it then started to not be as bright.

when i was younger there was a shampoo that i used after swimming in chlorine (at my friends) that would help keep hair blonde, and not turn green from the chlorine... I'm not sure what the brand was and still have had no luck to find it. It was Great!

I've since dyed my hair black over 2 years ago and still waiting for it to grow out, but even now you can tell my hair is blonde, just needs a little tlc.

So there is not much you can do about it really. You can dye it blonde but.. i don't agree with bottle blondes..... not the point here.

If it's going to change colour it's going to change, can only enjoy it while it lasts.

Why does blond hair turn brown?

Its called genetics, it happens alot

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