Thursday, July 23, 2009

I tryed dying my hair light brown but...?

I tryed dying my hair light brown- because of the highlights my mom had messed up on a few months ag- but my natural hair color turned an orangey-brown and where my hair had been bleached turned brownish with a really green hue...

What should i do? I dyed my hair yesterday.

Otherwise I heard help pills work really well, whats a good brand of kelp pills to help my hair grow??

Please help! :(

I tryed dying my hair light brown but...?

This happened to someone I know. Her hair turned red instead of the color on the box. Just wait, I think it's, 3 days before going to the hairdresser to have her fix it.

I tryed dying my hair light brown but...?

check the links below for * Hair coloring tips

I tryed dying my hair light brown but...?

well dye Ur hair a darker color like a chocolate brown or close to black

I tryed dying my hair light brown but...?

I suggest that you go to a hairdresser to have it fixed. she (or he) can use a color remover and then re-color it in the shade that you want. She will also condition your hair so that it won't fade fast.

One more thing, cover your hair when you are in the sun. Sunlight will make the color damage even worse.

I tryed dying my hair light brown but...?

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I tryed dying my hair light brown but...?

damn, that's hell, but there is a


That only makes ur hair have

a ugly color ESPECIALLY the MANY

times u dyed ur hair.

Just stop let ur hair grow out

alittle, then just get used to the

color then in a month dye i the COLOR


I tryed dying my hair light brown but...? can do two things...bleach out all of your hair...or you can dye your hair a dark color...but you will have to do it twice because of your highlights....if these two options don't work...go see a hairdresser. Goodluck:)

I tryed dying my hair light brown but...?

^^^^^OMG^^^^^ that's hilarious..(not ur hair issue,but the comment made by

*sorry 4 stealing these pointz LOL....hope ur hair gets bak to the way u wanted it good luck*

I tryed dying my hair light brown but...?

Don't try to fix this on your own. You will just damage your hair beyond repair. Go see a good colorist. While you are waiting to go see them, wash your hair with a clear shampoo and it should tone down the color. A clarifying shampoo is usually the best for this. Also nothing helps your hair grow faster. If you want your hair to grow in healthier, make sure you eat right and get your hair trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks and don't over process your hair

I tryed dying my hair light brown but...?

wow,....ppl are so mean to you! :( shheeesh anyway the same thing happened to me and mine was one new years eve! it was terrible!!! but i got my aunt whos gone to beauty school to dye my hair for me.... she dyed it an ASH BROWN or ASH BLONDE...try any color that you like but make sure it says ASH on it... it takes the orange out of your worked for me...

omg...i know exactlly how you feel but trust me...pick a dark color like DRAK ASH BROWN and jsut dye it...or DARK ASH BLONDE...whatevers closer to your natural hair color....mine was light i dyed it DARK ASH BROWN cuz i knew that after however many shampoos, the color was gonna fade out...and guess what!! it did! lol my hairs back to being blonde...BUT its not orange like before thank god!! but my natural hairs growing and im jsut waiting till it completely grows out...

I tryed dying my hair light brown but...?

When going from blonde to a darker color you must replace the lost pigments that was taken out during the process. For instance when you lifting color levels (bleaching) you hair goes through this red/orange-orange/yellow stage, so that means those colors were in there to begin with so they will need to be put back in.

To neutralize the green you will need red. Next time when going from blonde to a dark color add red to the formula so you will not get a ask cast. \But for now try a red rinse not flaming red but a burgandy or something.

But the best solution is to go to a professional.

Hope this helps.

God bless.

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