Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dying hair blondish/brown, with pink,blue,green and purple?

How to get blondish hair with pink,blue,purple and green in?

im really really bored of my hair at the moment.

i wanna dye my hair like this picture


but im not sure how to, and if i should do it permanent or try and get it semi permanent.what dyes should i use? also, i want to dye my hair like, a lighter blondish/brown colour, at the moment its just like, lightbrown. should i go to hairdressers or get friend to do it? ive had bad experience with hairdressers, as they always end up messing up my hair.

i also want my fringe cut like how it is in the pic, as atm, my fringe is too long, and i want the other side to kinda, swoosh forwards abit.

sorry about it being long (H)..

lol, .. but any help will do, the more opinions the better

:) xx

Dying hair blondish/brown, with pink,blue,green and purple?

i understand the whole being bored with your hair thing, but dont you think thats a little too Rainbow Brightish :)

Dying hair blondish/brown, with pink,blue,green and purple?

wow that hair is sweet,

but idk how to do it :/ sorry

Dying hair blondish/brown, with pink,blue,green and purple?

If you look at the green part of her hair it's really faded which means she used a permanant. but if you go to hottopic.com they have coloring kits with the bleach and color already included and for a precision cut you will need a hairdresser.

Dying hair blondish/brown, with pink,blue,green and purple?

I used to have my hair like that, with pink and red. What I did was because my hair was already pretty damaged (I dyed it really light blonde) I used this spray dye (it looks like a can of spray paint). Its only supposed to last a day, but when you have damaged or light colored hair it stay in for a VERY long time. Plus Ive found that using the spray works really well for me because I have more control than I would have using other types.

Basically what you want to do is wash your hair really well (like use a shampoo for oily hair to get rid of any excess oil), towel dry and the spray on the dye. Let your hair dry all the way and let the dye rest for a day. Wash it out later and the dye should be almost permanent.

as for the fringe thing, I say always use a hairdresser, and try to get one who looks like they have the same texture hair as you. They are more likely to give you the right cut for your hair.

Dying hair blondish/brown, with pink,blue,green and purple?

You'll need to bleach the section(s) of your hair that you want to color fuschia/purple/green. None of those colors require that you get the hair super blonde, but ideally, you will want to at least get the hair to be colored with the wild dye to be as light as possible.

Special Effects makes some really nice hair colors - Deep Purple, Sonic Green, and Virgin Rose would be good together in my opinion and would give you a similiar look. Having a friend help you apply the colors would be a BIG help with something like this. Otherwise, do one color at a time, and take your time doing it. Proper planning will lead to better color placement.

Be aware that the purple/green and fuschia/green can bleed together if you're not careful and cause muddy brown colors. It's best to try to place purple/red/pink tones together and leave the greens somewhat separate if you can.

Try the website www.haircrazy.info for a lot of coloring information. Good luck.

Alternately, if the above sounds like a big commitment/hassle, you could do something similiar with extensions. Heavenly Hair forum has a lot of information on extensions, including tutorials, etc. - http://www.extra-muffins.com/hair. You can also buy premade extension strips and really cheat, or make your own clips using weft and hardcore hair clips.

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