Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blonde hair and brown?

my friend got her hair done so that its blonde on the top and dark brown on the bottom. It looks really cute and im thinking about doing the same. but then again im not sure because if it comes out bad then ill freak out. if anyone has any good pictures or suggestions then thatd be great.

oh and right now i have dirty blonde hair with side bangs

Blonde hair and brown?

yeah this is a job deffinately for the salon.

its a pretty common hair-do now..

decide how much you want to be brown !!before!! going in to the salon. that way you wont freak out if its too much or not enough cause you thought about it before

good luck

Blonde hair and brown?

You should go to the salon for this one. They'll probably lighten the top and darken the bottom.

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