Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bleach black hair for brown highlights?


Does anyone know if you absolutely must bleach black hair to be able to get dark brown and lighter brown highlights (like Gisele Bunchen for example)?

Do you know how long the bleach has to stay on for and what volume?

Also, what is the lightest colour I can achieve without bleaching black hair?

My friend really wants me to help her highlight her hair so I wanted to ask some people with experience.

Thanks in advance !!

Bleach black hair for brown highlights?

Based on my experience I tried a pink-purpurlish colour from L'Oreal for highlights (without bleaching), didn't turn out exactly like on the box, but close enough and maybe slightly darker but still visible and still pretty. =)

To get dark brown highlights... you don't necessarily have to bleach the hair. You may have to go for a lighter brown shade (in my opinoin) to achieve that look. I went for red highlights before and my hairdressor didn't bother to bleach it. It turn out more to be red-brownish colour. I think it's possible to get lighter brown highlights without bleaching, however if you want the brightest colour then you may have to bleach it.

Bleaching usually takes as long as waiting for the dye to soak in the hair. I had this done by a professional.

Well let's just see what the majority have to say....

Good luck!

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