Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What Color Brown IS her hair??

What color brown do you think this is?


i wanna dye my hair that brown color i just have no idea what it would be called.ive dyed my hair ash brown and a medium brown before and my hair never turn out like her brown so i guessing it cant be a ash brown or med brown. i was hopeing maybe someone who knows hair colors might know. I dont wanna go to professional from my past colorings they never turn out how i want them too. so if maybe someone can recommend me a product too. thanx

1 more thing i found this color do you think it looks anything like hers or no?


What Color Brown IS her hair??

its like, mocha. but the caramel colour you found will turn out similar enough.

What Color Brown IS her hair??

Buttered Toast

with blonde highlights.

What Color Brown IS her hair??

Light ash Brown

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