Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Should i dye my hair honey brown?

1. dont tell me that dying my hair is bad cuz i alredy know.

2. dont tell me to keep it my natural color cuz i've dyed my hair a bunch of times and its not my natural color anymore.

3. no outragous colors, such as pink, blue, purple, whatever.

okay so i've dyed my hair a bunch of times and i have dark hair so light colors dont come up so good. i was thinking of either dying my hair red (again) with Garnier 100% color Light Auburn Blond. or i was gonna buy Garnier Nutrisse Medium-Light Brown. and i dont know what color would look good. i wanna dye it like the color of Jennifer Lopez's hair. like honeyish brown. what do you think would look good?

this color: http://www.mariamagic.com/fashion-famous...


Should i dye my hair honey brown?

I think it depends on ur skin tone if u have darker skin u shud go for darker colours but if u hav paler skin u cud go for anything.

Should i dye my hair honey brown?

dye it dye it! i think it look great. and dying your hair aint bad its awesome!!!!!

Should i dye my hair honey brown?

this should help (hopefully)

look at the colour wheel and you cant use ones that are complete oposite to yours it wont show up.

But i know you said dont tell me not to dye my hair it bad but honestly the more you do it the less brown itl go itl start going grey and fall out.

Go to a hot country or place and sunbathe should work a treat.

Should i dye my hair honey brown?

personally, i think that color would totally wash you out. i would stick with a rich red-based brown.

oh and btw, for the answer about the color wheel and saying that opposite colors wont show up.. that's not true at all. people USE opposite colors TO cover up a color.. theyre called complimentary. thats why if your hair is ashy (green base) you correct it with a warm base (red). red and green are complimentary, and you would definitely see the red.

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