Thursday, July 23, 2009

My hair is naturally medium brown..?

it has some ash in it, but not alot.

but it naturally has NO red in it what so ever,

but whenever i dye my hair dark brown,

it always end up turning brassy/reddish like 2 weeks after i dye it.

how can i prevent that?

i just bought Natural Match or whatever that brand is, in medium brown 5C [cool] and on the back it says that the cool tones will prevent unwanted reddness.. do you think this was the right choice and it will help?

[%26amp; also, if i deep condition my hair the night before i dye it, will the color last longer?]


My hair is naturally medium brown..?

Normally, to keep hair from looking brassy, stylist use a toner. Since they are professionally trained to do hair, I wouldn't recommend trying to do this yourself. If you take advice given from any Beauty Supply house, such as Sally Beauty Supplies, you may well find your hair falling out.

People that work in these places are NOT stylists and it is best not to trust them to give you the right advice. Trust me, I've been there myself. Try to use a color-protecting shampoo and then deep condition your hair AFTERWARDS, maybe once a week. If you deep condition before applying color, the color might not "take" as well. You might be able to find a toner for brown hair in one of the larger drug/pharmacy stores so you can do it yourself, but you need professional advice from a stylist as to how often to apply the toner and what to use in between colorings to help make your color last as long as possible. Sometimes using a color-infused conditioner after shampooing with color protecting shampoo can help make your color last longer, but for the most part, all hair color is going to fade in about six to eight weeks. Be careful not to use really harsh shampoos that will strip your color, as well. Personally, before I messed up my hair, I would go get a professional consultation. If you cannot afford to have them apply the products you need, then it might be wise to go to a cosmetology school where they practice their skills on real people under the supervision of a licensed cosmetologist! Good luck and be careful! :)

My hair is naturally medium brown..?

Try going to the salon its much easier and though more expensive it might turn out better. They actually tech you how to take care of it there too.

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