Saturday, July 25, 2009

How do i dye my hair a lighter brown?

i have raelly dark hair and i broght dark honey blonde hair dye and mothing happened to my hair. noy how should i dye it and what should i use? and how do i bleach my hair do i dump a buket of clorox on my head? and how bad for your hair is bleach and what products are greatest quality? and i want my hair honey brown.

How do i dye my hair a lighter brown?

you should not do it yourself if your going to go lighter,. its a dangerous process. if you leave peroxide on for too long you can damage your hair and plus this means it will fall out. if you wnt to go lighter. get a whole head of blonde foils in your hair, wait a month or so and when your hair is really light get the honey brown over it. it will look cool. get a hairdresser to do this. they have the right equipment etc

How do i dye my hair a lighter brown?

you could try bleach, but some ppls hair doesn't turn out well ... u could also try lemon juice, but that works for lighter hair

try highlights, or get ur hair dyed where u get ur hair cut

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