Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dying my hair from brown to blonde...?

I've been dying my hair a darkish brown colour for the past few months, but now I want to go back to my natural hair colour, which is blonde.

I've checked out all the blonde dyes, and it says that the hair colour of dark brown just results in a lighter brown instead of blonde.

I can't let it just grow out...as much as I would love to, I don't want half of my hair being blonde and the other brown.

Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks a lot.

Dying my hair from brown to blonde...?

A drastic hair colour change like from brown to blonde will not turn out nicely if you do not strip your hair first. The stripping process is very damaging to hair and I would not recommend you do it unless you are completely unhappy with your hair as it is. The best thing to do is to gradually go back to your natural colour through highlighting your hair blonde, and adding more highlights each time you touch up. It will keep your hair much healthier in the long run.

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