Saturday, July 25, 2009

Blonde hair with brown underneath?

so i have light blonde hair and i wanted to dye it red or bright pink but then you need to bleach it and its such a hassle so i was thinking of dying it brown underneath.. has anyone done this? do you have pictures. and what dye should i use? perm. or semi-perm and what kind?.. thanks.

Blonde hair with brown underneath?

Well, on light blonde hair semi-permanent means permanent anyways because dark color on blonde won't wash out. So it doesn't really matter which you use. Semi might wash out a little but you'll still be left with a brown hue. I'd suggest just going with permanent so you don't have to touch it up all the time.

Here are some pictures:

You should really go to a salon for this though. Dying underneath can be very tricky because you don't know how much hair you should dye or where exactly you should dye it in order for it to look good.

Blonde hair with brown underneath?

I haven't had it done.... but my friend has and i think it looks really nice on her!! Well she got the opposite (blonde on top and black underneath!) Go for it! One life to live so live it crazy and go what cha want!

Goodluck God Bless!]


Blonde hair with brown underneath?

I've seen a lot of people with brown or black underneath. I like it.

Blonde hair with brown underneath?

I think this look is done...I remember people doing it several years ago when I was in highschool.

But experimenting with color is so much fun...try something new that suits your personality and personal style!

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