Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blonde hair with brown lowlights?

I have blonde hair and I wanted to put some brown lowlights in it..

Just light brown.

How many should I put in and how do I do it?

I would be doing it myself.. I always do my hair myself, and it turns out fine.. just wondering what kinda style..

My hair is just below shoulder length it is layered and i have a sweeping fringe. thanks.

Blonde hair with brown lowlights?

i have the same hair but w/ natural brown highlights... i think u should just do a little on some of the top peices but a lil more like under

Blonde hair with brown lowlights?

i suggest you get it done by i professional for lowlights.. so they actually come out lowlights and not highlights.

also .. brown lowlights and BLONDE hair ? .. i suggest something else. like a 'blonde lighter than your blonde' lowlights?

Blonde hair with brown lowlights?

brown hair with blond highlights look better u always want to put lightter highlights on ur hair

just a tip

my mom is a hair stylist

Blonde hair with brown lowlights?

umm well it doesnt really look good ull look like a pumpkin my sister has brown hair with blonde highlight it looks horrible..nd i would try black highlights like just on the tip of your hair or streaks or if you convinced you want crown highlights here:http://tv.popcrunch.com/wp-content/uploa...

or brown hair w/blonde highlights:http://www.renewhaircolours.com/images/r...

or like i was saying blonde hair with black highlights:


or these other ones:http://img384.imageshack.us/img384/36/0a...




hopes this helps


Blonde hair with brown lowlights?

It would be easier probably to go ahead and dye all of your hair the shade that you want it. And maybe while the dye is taking effect get the pieces you want to stay blonde and wipe off the dye. Then you know where its at and if it doesnt turn out perfect then you can put blonde highlights over the pieces you wiped off (after you washed the first dye out--it'll bleed thru otherwise). And the best way to determine where you want your highlights/ lowlights is to put conditioner in the places you think might look good while your hair is dry. Its thicker and you can see where its going.

Blonde hair with brown lowlights?

forget the highlights and lowlights. that look these days looks awful. Blonde is sexy - just be happy with your sexy self.

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